Attention: Direct Sellers, Network Marketers, and MLM'rs...


Who else wants to discover the REAL "Heavy Hitter" secrets that will quickly improve your performance and guarantee your growth and profits? You will even learn how to consistently sponsor 5+ people every month...  And you get these secrets for ONLY $67!

For a limited-time, we are offering our Breakthrough Sales Secrets workshop for ONLY $67 ($289 normal tuition investment). This is being offered to you as a way to introduce you to our unique breakthrough performance improvement development training that is guaranteed to improve your direct sales performance - resulting in increased sales and recruiting growth and income for you.

However, understand that this workshop is not a sales pitch. This is a comprehensive accelerated training and performance improvement workshop that is critically designed for enhanced comprehension and retention, so you can immediately use what you learn.

You will find no fluff, just solid nuts 'n bolts you can use right away to take your sales results to the high-performance level you deserve. Through an interactive hands-on accelerated learning environment, you will gain insight and practical knowledge you can put to use right away. You will even have fun, be energized, and interact with other direct sales professionals just like you. You will walk away with extremely powerful insight that will help you look like a shining star (a direct sales pro that GETS RESULTS!).

Again, this workshop is being offered for ONLY $67 for a limited-time... and seating is limited (up to 20 Direct Sales People) to ensure an intimate accelerated learning experience. Do not delay, reserve your seat right now (just scroll to the bottom of this page and complete the registration form).

Now I realize that some people (maybe even you), may be still wondering, "should I attend?" Or, "Will this be worth my time?" A simple answer is YES! However, I do realize sometimes, people may need just a little more information to make their decision. If that is you, then consider the following...

An Urgent Message from Success Coach Jeff Zalewski for those Struggling in Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and MLM...

Dear Struggling and Frustrated,

Aren't you sick and tired of throwing hundreds and even thousands of dollars into your marketing efforts, only to find yourself in a frustrating vicious circle of little or no results? How about watching others succeed while you continue to struggle in building your business? Do you want to discover the real truth behind building a business? Would you like to learn what the true heavy hitters do to sponsor consistently month after month after month? Do you want a foolproof way to help you work smarter rather than harder so you can guarantee your business growth and profits?

Then clear your schedule right now for a few hours of fun and performance improving secrets!

I know what it is like to struggle while trying to succeed in this industry. You see, back in January 1999, I sat, with my wife, face to face with an attorney discussing the possibilities of bankruptcy. We were six figures in debt and four months behind in our mortgage. I wasn't sure which way to turn. But I did know people succeed in this industry and I was going to succeed as well.

My journey from 1999 to today has become for me and my family a great success story. The fact is we never filed bankruptcy. Instead, we gave up our house (the first home we bought as husband and wife), turned the extra car into the bank, and moved cross country for a new start. A few short years later, the debts were paid back. Today, we live in an upscale neighborhood and the freedom and flexibility we have in our lives are what most people only dream of.

What does this mean to you? Well, I know for a fact, if you are like 97% of those in this industry, you are dog tired of spinning your wheels only to see a business that is no better today than it was when you started your business. I know you want to recruit more people and not just recruit these people, but you want a happy, productive, and duplicating organization. I know this because of the thousands of people I have coached over the years, the people have been unique but the problems and challenges are always the same.

I know you want to gain control of your business growth and profits. You want to be able to consistently sponsor people into your business month after month after month, year after year after year, till you have a huge walk away income and the freedom to do what you want when you want... where ever you want! You want to accomplish this by keeping your marketing costs down, limiting your time and effort as well. You even want to eliminate no shows and lock the revolving door of attrition.

But instead, right now you can barely recruit anyone into your business. Even if you are lucky to recruit people, your downline is not duplicating the effort. You're spending more to generate fewer new recruits. And you are seeing an increase in attrition (the drop out rate) within your organization. No matter how hard you work at building your business, you are always wondering when you will get a break and achieve your desired success.

What you need is a work smart system. You need market-tested strategies and techniques that will work for you. You need to work smarter rather than harder, while you slash your marketing costs and keep your downline happy, productive, and duplicating. This must be to a degree, where their commitment is so strong, they would never even dream of quitting the business. You need to know the secrets of the heavy hitters in this industry.

Until recently, the only way to discover the secrets of the heavy hitters was through painful, time consuming, profit-devouring trial and error. But now the heavy hitter secrets will be revealed. I will reveal these secrets to you in a power-packed simple three-hours... saving you months and even years of frustration! This is not theory, but real nuts 'n bolt strategies I use in my business. I come from the trenches and know what works and what I teach you will work for you in your business!

Now, you have a choice to make. You can either click away, leave our website, keep doing the things the way you have been doing them, and keep getting the same undesired results. Or, you can make the risk-free decision to sign-up for this workshop... so, do not delay, reserve your seat right now (just complete the registration form below).

I look forward to the three-hours we will spend together in the workshop and to helping you accelerate your overall direct sales performance and results!


Jeff Zalewski
Success Coach


A REAL "Breakthrough Secrets Revealed" Workshop

During this three-hour hands-on accelerated training workshop, you'll discover the time-test proven secret strategies and techniques used by the most successful heavy hitters in the industry... all presented in an easy to understand and simple to implement fashion so you can implement what you learn immediately (as you walk out the door).

By attending this accelerated training workshop, you will learn the critical basic fundamentals for building an unlimited lucrative residual based business. You will know specifically what drives the growth and profits within your business and how you can guarantee you get better overall results.

Here are some of the key fundamental things you will learn:

  • A proven success formula guaranteed to have you building your business on a solid foundation.

  • Understanding what discipline truly is and how to flip your internal "action" switch to get your job done. (This will simply blow you away and have you wondering why no one taought you this before).

  • The four major reasons why people fail and how to overcome these failure causing pitfalls.

  • Three critical elements for building by design (you will only spin your wheels without these in place).

  • The secrets to achieving superb communication (a very simple technique).

  • How your prospect thinks and makes decisions (very few people know this information).

  • How you must sell (understand this and people will practically beg you to do business with you).

  • A simple proven sales and recruiting process (so simple, my 7-year old daughter could do it).

Learning these fundamentals will not only help you gain control of your business growth and profits but you will know how to save time, save money, increase productivity (not only your own but your team's), close more sales, become more efficient... I am sure you can see the big picture of what you will gain by attending this seminar.

But some people will still wonder, should I attend? Will this be worth my time? A simple answer is YES!

You need to attend this breakthrough workshop if you:

  • Struggle to sponsor people into your business.

  • Are tired of the "do more of it" advice.

  • Are not earning at least $200 of profit from your business each month.

  • Are not sponsoring at least 5+ people (customers and/or distributors) each and every month.

  • Want to build your business by design rather than chance.

  • Want to differentiate yourself from your competition.

  • Want to know how to build a truly unlimited residual income.

  • Are not achieving your goals and dreams.

  • Fear picking up the phone to prospect or even call your downline.

  • Do not have a steady flow of interested prospects calling you.

  • Are just curious about what I have to say.

  • Lack duplication in your organization.

  • Do not have the money to market.

  • Feel you are not a salesperson.

  • Don't like to sell.

  • Struggle to get the results you desire.

  • Find your downline won't get in the action.

  • Can't seem to get people to sign up into your business.

  • Can't seem to get a prospect to buy your product or service.

  • You want to earn $100,000+ a year from your business.

  • Don't know what truly is the culprit for failure in this industry.

No matter what business you are building in the Direct Selling Industry, or what your experience level is, when you attend this powerful "Breakthrough Secrets Revealed" Seminar, you will gain invaluable insight about the industry, your business, and you. In fact, this seminar is one of the most detail-rich accelerated training seminars you will ever attend.

Here are 20 of the Most Important Lessons You'll Learn in the Three-Hours We Spend Together:

  • A Proven Effective Simple Success Formula

  • The Secret to Working Smarter Rather than Harder

  • How to Build on a Solid Foundation

  • How to Unlock the Internal Code to Consistent Results

  • How to Sponsor 5+ People Each and Every Month

  • The Four Major Reasons Why People Fail

  • The Three Critical Elements for Building By Design

  • Understanding the Communication Process

  • How Prospects Think and Make Decisions

  • The Real Reason Why People Buy From YOU

  • The Million Dollar Heavy Hitter Secret

  • How to Get Your Downline Duplicating

  • The Most Critical Component of Success

  • How to Naturally Create a Sense of Urgency

  • How to Short Cut Your Learning Curve

  • The Secret to Achieving Superb Communication

  • How to Take the Bull by the Horns and Get the Results You Desire

  • A Simple Four Step Sales/Recruiting Process

  • How You Can Avoid failure

  • Plus, Strategies and Techniques Proven to Work for You.

You will master what you learn, including new skills, during hands-on practice sessions!

We cover a lot of information during our three hours together... it will not be a boring lecture, rather you will have a lot of fun. And to ensure you walk away ready to implement your new knowledge, we incorporate accelerated hands-on exercises throughout our seminar, so you can practice your new skills. You can even get answers to questions that arise along the way.  Plus, you will learn how you can gain one-on-one pointers and guidance from our team of trained Business Consultants.

Believe me, I understand the struggles you're facing. Just a few years ago (1999), I was in your shoes (maybe even a worse situation). My family ate Ramen Noodles almost daily and we barely had enough money to run our car on fumes. It was not a happy time in my life. I was desperate to find the real nuts 'n bolts that could help me build a lucrative business. I grabbed the bull by the horns and went through painful trial and error, finally figuring out the real truth of what it takes to succeed in building a direct sales business. Then I spent years testing among my team to ensure true duplication of what I knew worked.

The great news is I made the huge investment of time, money, and effort so you do NOT have to. You WILL learn the real truth of how to gain control of your business growth and profits in just three hours, not years like it took me. Plus, you will be able to walk away from this powerful detail-rich workshop knowing exactly how you can personally sponsor 5+ people every month )and even get 5+ customers as well)... month after month after month!

You will get a great value when you attend this seminar, including:

  • A 60 page workbook and study guide chocked FULL of proven-to-work-for-you strategies and techniques (the ones the "heavy Hitters" use)... Plus, worksheets, templates, scripts, checklists, and proven tips... and even a place to make notes during the workshop.

  • A Certificate for a FREE One-On-One Consultation with a Certified Business Consultant (valued at $150), where you can discuss one-on-one the most important things you want to accomplish, fix, or avoid within your business. It won't be a sales pitch... it WILL be a invaluable insightful session - with things you can do immediately to improve your business results.

  • 3 hours of hands-on training from Success Coach Jeff Zalewski (his facilitating training fee, even in a one-on-one setting, is normally $500 an hour). Jeff comes from the trenches and in a non-hype nuts 'n bolts style, you will learn specifically how he consistently sponsored an average of 10+ people for 73 consecutive months (that is over 6 years and 800+ people total)... a true master of success in the industry... the best part is you will not just learn how he did it, but more importantly, you will learn how you can achieve the same type of results in your business.

  • A chance to win a $499 scholarship from Direct Selling Academy, Inc. to use toward tuition for our Certified Direct Selling Fundamentals course  (one scholarship will be awarded at this workshop)... a great way to get your tuition paid for by the Academy. You will understand after this workshop why you truly need to be certified.

Attending this detail-rich workshop is invaluable! You will learn first-hand in an interactive accelerated adult learning environment specifically how to gain control of your business growth and profits, saving you time, money, and effort (as well as frustration) in the process. Total Retail Value is over $1,665.00 but your tuition investment is ONLY $289.00! $67.00 (for a limited-time)!

Here are a few facts behind what you will learn at this amazing workshop:

  • The strategies and techniques you learn are 100% market-tested.

  • The strategies and techniques will save you time, money, and effort (as well as frustration).

  • You will have a specific plan of action to follow (simple and easy to adapt to your business).

  • You virtually guarantee yourself success using these strategies and techniques.

Now let's look at your return on investment...

Looking at just one benefit of attending this workshop is the fact you will walk away with knowing specifically how to personally sponsor 5+ people (customer and/or distributor) into your business each and every month. Learning how you can do such sponsoring, for many people, is considered priceless. But what about you? What if you could learn these secrets and be sponsoring 5+ people personally each and every month over the next year, what would that be worth to you?

What is one person (customer and/or downline) worth to you? When I built my downline organization into the thousands, one new person was worth a minimum of $15 each and every month. While $15 does not seem like a lot, it is about average as an earnings per distributor in one's organization throughout the industry.

(Your average earnings per distributor may be higher or lower, but for this illustration, I will use what I know from reality in my business. You can do the math as well for your business if you want to compare. To find your average earnings, just take your net earnings amount of your check and divide it by the total number of people in your downline. This will give you the average earnings per distributor.)

Being a bit conservative, let's say it takes you 90 days to master these fundamental strategies and techniques to where you are sponsoring 5+ people a month (even though you could do this the first month out of the gate with what we teach you). Then over the next 9 months you sponsor 5+ people each and every month, you would have 45 new people you sponsored (5 people X 9 months = 45 people). And with a retention rate of 80%, meaning 80% of the people reordered month after month, you would have 36 people (45 people X 80% retention = 36). Your monthly earnings would be $540 (36 people X $15 average earnings per person). Yes -- That is $540 a Month!

Would you invest $289 to enjoy just this one benefit from this workshop? I am sure the answer is yes... and don't forget for a limited time, we have reduced the tuition for you to ONLY $67.00! However, I want you to take your thinking one step further. And be sure to think big (from a standpoint of reality, not hype). Let's say these 36 people you personally sponsored were distributors who also wanted to build a business, what would each person be worth to you?

In my business, each business builder I personally sponsor who gets their job done is worth a minimum of $50k+ a year in residual to me. Now, we have all heard of the 80/20 rule where 20% of the people we sponsor will duplicate, right? In reality, it is more 95/5, where 5% duplicate and not 20%. So with 36 people, if 5% duplicate and get their job done, you would have 2 strong business builders (36 people X 5% duplication = 1.8 people). If each business builder is worth $50k+ a year, we would have over $100k+ in earnings!

This proves a great return on investment for you... $67.00 for a WHOPPING $100,000+ ROI!!!. The fact is you can't afford not to attend this "Breakthrough Secrets Revealed" seminar. Just the benefit of learning specifically how to personally sponsor 5+ people each and every month, month after month after month, is well worth the tuition investment. Now, would you invest a measly $67.00 to learn specifically how to personally sponsor 5+ people each and every month, if you knew it could yield you a $100k+ a year income from your business? What if you only earned 10% of that amount ($10k), would you still attend? The even better news is, learning how to sponsor 5+ people a month is just one of many benefits from attending this seminar.

Take a look at what a few of our past attendees have said about this workshop:

  • "The interaction and intimate workshop was great. The formula of 45 was the most important thing to me I got from the workshop." - Ester Fesler, Minneapolis, MN (Melaleuca Distributor)

  • "I liked the role playing and visual demonstrations the best. Most importantly I learned through the simple outline of the process how to gain control in my actions and sponsor 5+ a month. The price of the workshop is priceless for the extensive knowledge you gain from the workshop. I now know how to gain control of my business growth. Well worth the cross-country flight (New Jersey to California) to get to the workshop." - Yvonne Johnson, Manalapan, NJ (Nikken Wellness Consultant)

  • "I liked the interaction, non-hype, real training. The nuts 'n bolts solid fact based information provided a great learning experience. Most important was the 'Power of 45' and the consultative selling approach." - Barb and Bill Holmes, Round Rock, TX (Life Force International Distributor)

  • "What I liked best about the workshop was the interactive nature. I learned how to keep it simple and not to complicate or over-analyze what you are doing."Jeremy Roos, Oregon, IL (Neways Independent Distributor)

  • "Excellent! Thank you for the non-hype nuts 'n bolts workable model. I now have a way to plan my success. I feel very confident now!" -Wayne Hamilton, Sugar Land, TX (Pre-Paid Legal Associate)

  • "I definitely got more value than I expected or paid for attending this workshop. Most important to me was I learned not only about the superb communication process but also the distinction in having to be in alignment in order to succeed and take action." - Dr Gordon Shlom, West Bloomfield, MI (Life Force International Distributor)

  • "Beyond the importance of consistent action, I liked the simplicity and depth of each formula, diagrams, and the words of wisdom shared." - Raphael Kang, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (ACN Representative)

  • "Everything was presented in a clear, precise way. I found it extremely helpful in discovering how to succeed. Most importantly, I learned a power strategy for and enjoyed the interaction of the role playing." - Kay Broomfield, Winnebago, IL (ITI Representative)

  • "Extremely well designed workshop and definitely met my expectations. Jeff's approach, critical thinking exercises, lots of examples, Real life challenging questions, and interaction made it a great learning experience. Nice size workshop that was easy to work in groups - comfortable. The most important thing I learn (aside from the power of 45, listening strategies, systems, etc.) was the tips on keep it simple!" - Cynthia Hughes, Rochester, MN (Xango Distributor)

  • "Thanks for teaching me in a simple to follow step by step process. It was easy to take notes and I learned how to take the business more seriously. The most important thing I learned was how to duplicate what I know." - Carolyn Van Liew, Lake Forest, CA (AmeriPlan Associate)

  • "Being new to the business I was uncertain as to any level of expectation for this workshop. However, I found the time frame of the training excellent. I learned many things including the steps and organization for getting more prospects who will do business with me." -Matt Rains, Madison, WI (dvdMonster Independent Representative)

Click here to learn about what other prior attendees have felt about what they learned.

Tuition is only a measly -- $67.00 per person! Now, I know some people, even you, may be skeptical and wondering if what we teach really does work. I understand this skepticism and am willing to help you learn first hand that what we teach will truly work for you in your business. But you must attend the workshop to learn what we teach. To help alleviate your skepticism, I am offering you a 100% money-back guarantee. Here are the details of our guarantee...

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your tuition investment in the "Breakthrough Secrets Revealed" Workshop is backed by our Total-Satisfaction, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Attend this workshop, participate in the hands-on interactive exercises, and even pick the facilitating trainer's brain about your challenges in building your direct selling business. In fact, you can even take what you learn and apply it in the field for the next 90 days to test in the field what you learned at the seminar. After all that, if you feel you did not receive more value (including the education, tips, strategies, techniques, and overall experience) than you paid in tuition, we will refund your tuition. Simply return to us the workbook and materials you received at the seminar anytime within 100 days of attending the seminar and you will receive a complete no-hassle refund.


Our guarantee to you is as simple as that... and that's how confident we are in what we teach at our workshop. We know that you've probably never before seen or heard anything like what we teach in our workshop and once you get your hands on this stuff and apply it, you will be loving all that you have learned and won't look back. But just for your peace of mind, we offer you a guarantee. Is that fair to you?

One more thing... Due to the interactive nature of our accelerated seminar, we limit the number of participants. This allows a very personal hands-on learning experience, which accelerates your comprehension of what is being taught throughout the seminar. If you just want to "sit back and observe" this workshop, don't register. You MUST be willing to learn and interactive participation is a major key to your accelerated learning experience. Come prepared to experience the power of accelerated learning... it truly is a workshop where the breakthrough secrets WILL be revealed!!

Now I am sure by now that you like what you see and have loved what you have hearn and even feel the same way I do... that investing in this workshop is a real 'no-brainer'!!

And you have a choice to make. You can either click away, leave our website, keep doing the things the way you have been doing them, and keep getting the same undesired results (a huge mistake you will regret). Or, you can make the risk-free decision to sign-up for this workshop... I know you are a smart person... and I am sure by you have liked what you have seen so far and have loved what you have heard AND you even feel the same way I do... that investing in this workshop is a real 'no-brainer'!!

So, do not delay any further, make a decisive decision right now and, reserve your seat... all you have to do is  complete the registration form below.

Workshop Registration - Enroll Right Now and Save $222.00

Yes!  Please reserve my seat for the Breakthrough Sales Secrets Workshop in Canton, Ohio (Belden Village Area) on Wednesday August 25, 2010 (6:00pm to 9:00pm). I understand that the  charge to attend this workshop is only $67.00 and that full details of workshop (including the location, parking, and tips to get the most out of the workshop) will be emailed to me with 24-48 hours of registration receipt.

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