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"You can't improve what you do not know. Make sure you track your progress, which will help you identify what does and doesn't work for you. Also, by consistently tracking your progress you can identify patterns and work toward improving each area of the process. Your key to your success is to build by design, not by chance." -- Jeff Zalewski, Success Coach

Do you know what the success formula is and how to apply it in your business? Attend a Direct Selling Academy workshop and learn the nitty gritty details. more>

Testimonials From Participants of Past Seminars and Workshops 

The techniques and simplicity of them was great. Everything was explained in an understandable and concise format. One thing most important to me was in understanding discipline and the power of 45.
Brenda Totz, Alexandria, MN (AmeriPlan Associate)

The interaction and intimate workshop was great. The formula of 45 was the most important thing to me I got from the workshop.
Ester Fesler, Minneapolis, MN (Melaleuca Distributor)

This workshop met my expectations. The step-by-step process of understanding your prospects needs was what I liked best. Most important to me was understanding I need to and can improve my skills.
Claudia Braun, Houston, TX (Xango Distributor)

Good soft sell on the basics, which I needed to be reminded of and consider. The workshop opened my mind and helped me get the answers to so much that I needed. I liked the "practice makes improvement" part and the discipline section of training.
Bob Hawes, Westport, MA (Care Entree Associate)

I liked the short focused presentations that blended everything together. The most important thing I learned was the importance of tracking and the statistics on the power of 45 strategy.
Laurie Mars, San Diego, CA (Usborne Books Distributor)

What a powerful and thought provoking question you asked that definitely made me think about my business and how to succeed in a much different way. The explanation of discipline and its importance made a clear understanding on the importance of how discipline is to being successful in my business.
Pat Doi, Laguna Niguel, CA (Marketing Consultant)

What I liked best about the workshop was the interactive nature. I learned how to keep it simple and not to complicate or over-analyze what you are doing.
Jeremy Roos, Oregon, IL (Neways Independent Distributor)

Simple but effective information. Easy to implement immediately. I liked the formula for success!
Susan Collins, Spring, TX (Liberty International Independent Representative)

Excellent! Thank you for the non-hype nuts 'n bolts workable model. I now have a way to plan my success. I feel very confident now!"
Wayne Hamilton, Sugar Land, TX (Pre-Paid Legal Associate)

I definitely got more value than I expected or paid for attending this workshop. Most important to me was I learned not only about the superb communication process but also the distinction in having to be in alignment in order to succeed and take action.
Dr Gordon Shlom, West Bloomfield, MI (Life Force International Distributor)

Thank you, Jeff! You not only taught us, but you also touched us. Many times, we went from tears to laughter within seconds, we felt your passion and walked away with a comprehension of the specifics, and how to successfully integrate our daily actions in conjunction with our vision for the business.
Barb and John Craft, Fort Worth, TX (Business Consultant)

Great class! The simplicity, interactiveness, and the how-to's in skill development were critical learning to me and were explained very thoroughly with knowledge.
Gladys Flounoy, Plainfield, NJ (Warm Spirit Distributor)

I came to the workshop to learn as much as possible in new ideas for my business. My expectations were met. I liked everything, especially the formula and how the workshop touched on many of the weaknesses and where to improve.
Michelle Boone, Glendale, CA (AmeriPlan Associate)

I liked the interaction, non-hype, real training. The nuts 'n bolts solid fact based information provided a great learning experience. Most important was the 'Power of 45' and the consultative selling approach.
Barb and Bill Holmes, Round Rock, TX (Life Force International Distributor)

What we learned was a structured formula for success. We liked the simplicity of the class, interactive role playing, and the accelerated speed of the topics covered, which helped put things in perspective as to the simplicity of our business.
Bob and Nance Kowalski, Antioch, IL (ACN Representative)

I liked the role playing and visual demonstrations the best. Most importantly I learned through the simple outline of the process how to gain control in my actions and sponsor 5+ a month. The price of the workshop is priceless for the extensive knowledge you gain from the workshop. I now know how to gain control of my business growth. Well worth the cross-country flight (New Jersey to California) to get to the workshop.
Yvonne Johnson, Manalapan, NJ (Nikken Wellness Consultant)

The accelerated workshop was professional training. I learned many things and I believe the most important learning for me was in learning the importance of tracking and how to find my own averages in developing more business effectively.
Lorrie Brown, Detroit, MI (ACN Representative)

What I liked best about the workshop was hearing new ideas to use to attain success. I also heard things I already know but reminded me what I need to work on. Most importantly was the understanding of relationships and what discipline really is (and how to take control of your own discipline habits.
Richard Yock, Rockford, IL (Liberty International Independent Representative)

Thanks for teaching me in a simple to follow step by step process. It was easy to take notes and I learned how to take the business more seriously. The most important thing I learned was how to duplicate what I know.
Carolyn Van Liew, Lake Forest, CA (AmeriPlan Associate)

I liked the accelerated interactive format the best. I learned some key reasons how I can get more people to do business with me. What I learned is definitely something I can take to my team.
Dan McIlroy, Sun Prairie, WI (dvdMonster Independent Representative)

I liked the small group and interaction. Very good information. I liked the science of network marketing. I always have been told its in the numbers but never give the formula. Now I have it!
Diana Plante, Apple Valley, MN (USANA Distributor)

Very interesting. Very helpful. Methodical approach and really drove the concepts home by showing us great tactics to work smarter rather than harder. This workshop showed me I am on the right track but need to move my train more efficient and with more passengers. Thanks.
Luann Columbo, Littleton, MA (Juice Plus Distributor)

I like the accelerated format. It was straight forward reinforcing the basics of the sales process. I found the accelerated process personalized and enjoyed the simplicity of understanding. Most important thing I learned was how to be effective in building the foundation, the approach, and the close.
Tom Kenney, Orange County, CA (ACN Representative)

What I liked best about the accelerated workshop was the interactiveness and openness. It was very well planned workshop training. I think the most important thing to me was learning how to tie everything I have been learning together and set me forth to plan and build my business more profitably with smart effort.
Andrew Kronenberger, Troy, OH (Marketing Consultant)

Everything was presented in a clear, precise way. I found it extremely helpful in discovering how to succeed. Most importantly, I learned a power strategy for and enjoyed the interaction of the role playing.
Kay Broomfield, Winnebago, IL (ITI Representative)

Excellent workshop. I needed to assess strengthening my skills and I learned some great formulas.
Carol Paris, Plaistow, MA (Reliv Distributor)

I think the most important thing we learned was the 4 components of attitude and how they are interdependent on each other. As well as the steps for gaining control of our business. The best part of the accelerated workshop was the interactive non-lecture style.
Dawn & Jonnie Allen, Huntington Beach, CA (Omnitrition Distributor)

Absolutely met my expectations. The materials and the layout of the training provided me a way to retain more information and allowed me leave with better notes.
Michael Reschke, Lombard, IL (Business Consultant)

The workshop gave me a better more efficient way to think. The most important thing I learned was the equation and really understanding discipline. I brought people with me to help them grow their business. You met my expectations.
Lorraine Anderson, Mission Viejo, CA (AmeriPlan National Sales Director)

The part I liked best about the workshop was the part about the key elements of discipline and on how to improve my sales skills. Thanks.
Ken Gantz, Orange County, CA (AmeriPlan Associate)

Very specific and detailed. For me, the most important thing I learn was about the 'power of 45' and benchmarking.
Robert David, Bourbonnais, IL (Financial Freedom Society Representative)

The accelerated success training was delivered in a no pressure interactive style that helped me see the whole process in building my business began to come together at this workshop. Knowing I am not alone, yet also knowing how to guarantee my own success was powerful for me. I learned a lot of new things. I know I will succeed.
Terry Maine, Rialto, CA (Marketing Consultant)

I liked the informed interactive way the workshop was done. I was reminded of how important tracking is for my success.
Stan Dunn, El Cajon, CA (Nikken Wellness Consultant)

Extremely well designed workshop and definitely met my expectations. Jeff's approach, critical thinking exercises, lots of examples, Real life challenging questions, and interaction made it a great learning experience. Nice size workshop that was easy to work in groups - comfortable. The most important thing I learn (aside from the power of 45, listening strategies, systems, etc.) was the tips on keep it simple!
Cynthia Hughes, Rochester, MN (Xango Distributor)

Thanks for teaching me in a simple to follow step by step process. It was easy to take notes and I learned how to take the business more seriously. The most important thing I learned was how to duplicate what I know.
Carolyn Van Liew, Lake Forest, CA (AmeriPlan Associate)

My expectations were exceeded. The nuts 'n bolts style of learning in an accelerated fashion and being provided an understandable formula for success in a realistic format was priceless.
Chris Schiller, Edina, MN (Eniva Distributor)

Great presentation of material. Simple, yet very informative. I liked the personal interaction and the fact of how simple this business can be.
Bela Bircsak, Yorba Linda, CA (Nikken Wellness Consultant / Ecoquest Distributor)

Being new to the business I was uncertain as to any level of expectation for this workshop. However, I found the time frame of the training excellent. I learned many things including the steps and organization for getting more prospects who will do business with me.
Matt Rains, Madison, WI (dvdMonster Independent Representative)

My learning expectations were met. Powerful training. I learned not only how to understand the prospects from their perspective, but also about how to align my own discipline to consistently get the job done!
Curt Johnson, Honolulu, HI (Certified Marketing Consultant)

The most important thing and the best thing I learned at the workshop was how to guarantee getting 1 sign-up. The bullet points help set up the pattern to follow.
Jerry Ishii, Mission Viejo, CA (AmeriPlan Associate)

Thank you Jeff! I liked the concrete tools to use for success. It was so wonderful it is so hard to think of anything more that could be added. The most important thing to me was how to compensate for underdeveloped skill and still achieve my desired results. The workshop flowed well and I liked the nuts 'n bolts style.
Jan and Pete Girard, MN (Juice Plus Distributor)

Thanks for the breakdown of the 'Power of 45' strategy for guaranteeing results from taking action. Excellent workshop and it definitely met my expectations.
Rick Lindman, East Bethel, MN (Quixtar IBO)

The workshop definitely met my expectations. I liked the concepts on how to build by design. What a powerful concept on sustainable motivation and discipline - simple and duplicatable.
Ann Sieg, St Paul, MN (Send Out Cards/Certified Marketing Consultant)

Beyond the importance of consistent action, I liked the simplicity and depth of each formula, diagrams, and the words of wisdom shared.
Raphael Kang, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA (ACN Representative)

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