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If you are an independent direct seller looking for one-on-one coaching or want to talk with a Certified Business Consultant about your business wants and needs for improving your own personal performance, click here.

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Our Certified Consultants Will Help You Enhance Your Training System, Accelerating the Success of Your People, So You Can Experience the Improved Performance You Deserve!

Your organization's success is directly related to the skills and abilities of your people. These skills and abilities are not only important for acquiring new customers and distributors, but equally important, for improving and maintaining strong retention levels. Do your people have the skills and abilities to get their job done? Do they know how to work smart rather than working too hard? Is the training you provide your organization meeting the skill development needs of the people in your organization so they achieve the desired performance results?

Getting the productive and duplicating performance from your people is not easy. Even though you are doing very important work and are making a big contribution (investing time, money, and effort) in your training system, you deserve enhanced productivity and more duplication from your people.

To achieve enhanced productivity and more duplication from your people, you need to build on what you’ve already accomplished with unique training and performance improvement products and services that fit right in with what you’re doing and let you adapt them to your current training system.

Only relationship-oriented people can appreciate the importance of that and, as a result, they’re willing to be your external training support staff – both dependable and loyal. That’s when you’ll have the best chance to gain more influence among your people and get your point across more persuasively. People will start listening and begin to become more productive, happy, and duplicating.

Obviously, the investment for all this can be easily justified by the benefits.

We know enhancing your current training system and Direct Selling Academy, Inc. itself can be all that for you. But you should be free to make that decision for yourself. This is why we offer a FREE introductory consultation. Through this consultation, you will meet with one of our Certified Training Consultants, who will discuss with you your team performance wants and needs (what you want to accomplish, fix, or avoid). During your consultation, we will share insights to performance improvement and recommend what next steps are necessary to help you and your team to meet your wants and needs.

Our Certified Training Consultants, specializing in training and performance improvement, can help you enhance your existing training system so your people can achieve greater results in the field. We don’t replace, substitute, or make you rebuild from the ground up. Instead, we supplement your current training system, giving you full control, while your people become happier, more productive, and duplicating at a higher level of performance.

Beyond your initial FREE introductory consultation, we can provide either short-term or long-term consulting services including:

  • Training Needs Analysis (Identifies Training Gaps and Strengths)

  • Training and Performance Improvement Solutions (Align Training with Your Business Strategies)

  • Instructional Design (Content, Planning, Implementation)

  • Skill Assessments (Identify Skills Strengths within Your Team)

  • Custom Seminar and Workshop Development

  • Custom Certification Courses

Through our consulting services, we provide advice based on universal fundamentals that are easily adaptable to your current system of training and development. We provide you with unique non-hype proven strategies and techniques so your people can easily gain control of their business efforts and achieve greater results, without working harder. Our instructional design helps you enhance your current training system, building on what you already have, without negating anything you've already done with the development of your people. This gives you the control over training your people, aligning your training with your business strategies, and easily adapting to your current process.

From content design to system development to implementation, we provide you with proven-to-work resources to make your job in developing your people a whole lot easier. You will be able to gain greater control of the process and experience performance improvement throughout your whole organization. We can help you enhance your training system with a dependable relationship-oriented interactive training system, which integrates practical application and a constant stream of interactions with your key people, creating loyalty and dependability from your people in the field. We can even become your external training support staff to help reduce attrition and strengthen your credibility.

Our consultants are on your side. Remember, the performance success your people have will be directly related to their skills and abilities.  Your investment into your training and performance system can easily be justified and translated into the benefits you get from improving the skills of your people and empowering them toward improved performance results.

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Take the next step and request your FREE Introductory Consultation with one of our Certified Training Consultants. Just complete the following form in its entirety. Please provide as much detailed information as possible.  This request form, once completed and submitted, will be personally reviewed and forwarded to a Certified Training Consultant on our staff. Our consultant will then contact you within the next few days to schedule your FREE Introductory Consultation. During your consultation, you will meet via telephone with one of our Certified Training Consultants, who will discuss with you your team performance wants and needs (what you want to accomplish, fix, or avoid). Plus, we will share insights to performance improvement and recommend what next steps are necessary to help you and your team to meet your wants and needs.

Please complete the following form as complete as possible. All information you provide is to help us better understand your team training and performance needs. All information will be kept confidential.

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