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Jeff Zalewski, President/CEO

Your success is your choice. While we can motivate, educate, and equip you for success, you are the only one who can choose to make it happen and it is only you who can make it happen.

I encourage you to take the bull by the horns and make an investment into your own success by experiencing the power of accelerated learning here at Direct Selling Academy, Inc.

As adults, we must realize success is in our own hands. It is not how much we know but what we do with what we know. Through our nuts 'n bolts approach, we equip you with the know how and help you know how to put what you learn into immediate use in your business.

Our objective is to help you succeed in your business. Not just succeed, but help you accelerate your success.

Remember, either you do or you do not, there is no try. If you chose to do, then make it happen. Begin your path to make it happen by enrolling in an accelerated workshop today!

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Who We Are and What We Do
Direct Selling Academy, Inc. is an Ohio-based Corporation headquartered in North Canton, Ohio. We are your performance improvement specialist and we specialize in providing you and your organization with proven effective market-tested training and performance improvement solutions for your direct sales business, which not only accelerate your business growth and profits, but help you and your team save time, money, and effort (as well as frustration) in the process.

Our objective is to improve performance and help you and your team accelerate success through our comprehensive "hands-on" accelerated training and performance improvement courses, seminars, workshops, self-help products, and consulting services. All of these training and performance improvement resources are based on proven effective strategies and techniques that work for you.

A key differentiating factor between the Direct Selling Academy, Inc. and other training resources is we understand that improving performance does not always revolve around just training. While we do provide training, our focus is on helping you improve your overall performance and this requires looking at the whole picture of all the elements that affect performance. This ensures you implement the best fit work smart solution to help you improve overall performance and accelerate success in your business. When training is required as part of the solution, we bring training to you in a "hands-on" learning environment where you not only learn how to succeed but we provide you with customized training, including experiential and practical application exercises, focused around your specific performance improvement wants and needs.

Jeff Zalewski, President and CEO of Direct Selling Academy, Inc., is a man living by the personal philosophy of "lead by example and lead with action" and brings many years of "in the field" experience to Direct Selling Academy, Inc. Since 1995, Jeff has worked as an independent Business Success Coach and built a successful direct sales organization. In fact, Jeff set a company record as a distributor where he personally sponsored 10+ people (customers and distributors) each and every month for 73 consecutive months (over 800+ people).

Through his "in-the-field" experience, he has identified the core reasons why people fail and how they can overcome those pitfalls. One common challenge Jeff identified is underdeveloped skills in sales and marketing. Through countless hours of audios, articles, reports, training courses, seminars, workshops, and even one-on-one coaching, Jeff has taught literally thousands of people through a no-nonsense nuts 'n bolts approach on how to have greater success in building their business and brings his knowledge, field experience, and proven solutions into the curriculum at Direct Selling Academy, Inc.

In addition, it is proven the more we use all five of our senses, the more we comprehend what we are learning. For this reason, Jeff set out on a journey to develop an accelerated training performance improvement curriculum in a "hands-on" learning environment, which through research and market-testing proved effective and has led to the development and incorporation of many of the resources available here at the academy.

While we are a young company, what is taught within the curriculum is developed through years of field tested proven effective workable solutions and universal fundamentals that work in any business. Our objective at the Direct Selling Academy, Inc. is to help you accelerate your success, based on the core proven fundamental universal principles, strategies, and techniques, which helps accelerate your own success in your business... real performance improvement solutions that work for you.

At the Direct Selling Academy, Inc., you will learn effective work smart strategies and techniques that are based on universal fundamentals. No Hype, just the proven to work nuts 'n bolts that help you improve your performance. These strategies and techniques are simple to implement, so you and your team can put them to use in your business right away. Through the consistent application of our proven to work for you strategies and techniques, you will guarantee you gain control of your business growth and profits. No longer will you have to guess your way to success, you will know specifically how to succeed.

Our Objective is to Help You Improve Your Performance and Accelerate Your Success
Through coaching and training over the years, Jeff Zalewski has found a common thread among marketers and that is the fact many of these people are still learning even after years of being in the industry. In fact, most are failing miserably and most do not come from a sales and marketing background. These same people are often thrust into a leader position and struggle to get their teams happy, productive, and duplicating, which only results in a whole team underperforming.

Statistics prove the Direct Selling Industry is rapidly growing. According to the Direct Selling Association's Growth and Outlook Survey Report, sales in the USA totaled $32.18 billion in 2006, up from $24.5 billion just six years earlier, with more than 74 percent of the American public having purchased goods or services through direct selling. Worldwide sales are strong with over $100+ billion. An estimated 15.2 million people are involved in direct selling in the USA, and close to 60 million worldwide.

Regardless of the fact the industry has been exponentially growing over the past half dozen decades, through our research of people in the industry, the majority of these direct sales agents are inexperienced and struggling to succeed in achieving their desired goals from their business. In fact, most of these people hardly break even.

Recognizing these facts, Jeff Zalewski has been on a mission to help people achieve greater success in their business. This mission feeds into the overall mission here at the academy, where we work to improve performance and accelerate success in this industry though the application of universal fundamentals. Whether we are providing service directly to the people of your organization or serving in a behind the scenes role, our service to you and your organization is to be your performance improvement specialists, helping you improve performance and accelerate success in your organization.

In achievement of this mission, we will continually strive to support self-regulation and compliance to high ethical standards within the Direct Selling Industry. We believe this mission will help preserve and protect this industry, including the ability to earn income through a multi-level compensation plan. We also believe every leader (including you) should support this initiative through professional certification of you and your team. In fact, our vision is for every company, industry association, and leader will encourage and highly recommend that the people in their organization recommend getting certified.

Accelerated Training Courses, Seminars, and Workshops
As an educational institution (your direct selling school), accelerated training and performance improvement courses, seminars, and workshops provide you with a learning environment proven to help you work smarter rather than harder, accelerating the knowledge, comprehension, and application of what you learn. Through our courses, seminars, and workshops, you will gain the knowledge you need to improve your performance and accelerate your success. Our course, seminars, and workshops cover a variety of areas important for your business success including; Business Planning & Strategy, Duplication, Leadership, Marketing, Prospecting, Recruiting, Telephone Techniques, and Sales Skills. While our seminars are normally for medium to large groups, we also provide "hands-on" interactive accelerated courses and workshops for as few as 10 people, providing a more comprehensive intimate learning experience for each student.

Customized Training to Fit Your Unique Wants and Needs
Whether you are attending an open (students from a variety of companies) or a customized (company and/or organization specific)  course, seminar, or workshop, we specifically use universal fundamentals at the core of the curriculum. Each course, seminar and workshop is prepared with your unique wants and needs in mind. For groups of 10 or more, we can customize the training specific for your organization, which can prove to be invaluable. Customized training can help you take the guesswork out of training your organization and is tailored to supplement your current training system.  We will work closely with you to understand your unique wants and needs and help your team achieve outstanding performance improvement and accelerated success. 

Self-Help Training and Performance Improvement Products
Leaders who are consistently earning are leaders who are continually learning. To enhance your personal learning library, we provide a comprehensive library of self-help training and performance improvement products. From college textbooks on direct selling to audio training CDs to books to training tools, our products are based on universal fundamentals that help you improve your performance and accelerate your success. The strategies and techniques within our training and performance improvement products are simple to implement and you can put them to use in your business right away. Quantity discounts on bulk purchases of our products are available to organizational leaders and direct selling companies.

Training and Performance Improvement Consulting Services
Our certified consulting team, specializing in training and performance improvement, can help short-cut the process of identifying gaps, strengths, and weaknesses within your marketing, sales, and recruiting processes. What this means to you is, through our assistance, you can zero in quickly on what it will take to improve overall performance. Plus, we can help you enhance your existing training system with performance improvement solutions that improve overall performance so your people can achieve greater results in the field. We donít replace, substitute, or make you rebuild from the ground up. Instead, we supplement your current training system, giving you full control, while your people become happier, more productive, and duplicating at a higher level of performance.

If You Want a Real Competitive edge... You and Your Team Need to Be Certified!
You will learn through the Direct Selling Academy's certification courses how to build by design rather than chance, enhancing competency and credibility among the people in your organization. In today's economic environment, certification is a must-do for you and your team. Don't let your organization be frustrated or struggle within their business, rather, let's help them raise the standards in their own business and help them accelerate their own success. Get professionally certified and gain a real competitive edge! Enroll right now >

To learn more about how we can assist you and your team in improving your performance and accelerating success in your direct selling business, click here >


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